Anti-corruption and ethics policy

The main principles and values of our activity are ethics, corruption prevention, non-discrimination, freedom of self-expression, personal privacy protection, occupational safety and health, and environmental protection.

We appreciate the fair and open competition, comply with the legislation, as well as support professional and transparent relations with customers, business partners and suppliers.

The company undertakes to comply with the highest business ethics norms. We support free and fair trade for open competition and ethical conditions in complying with the norms of the legal systems of the countries where we operate.
We follow the principle of transparency in communicating with customers, partners and authorities. We are open and fair in assuming obligations; we evaluate the risks and warn about them.
We respect human rights; we do not practice and support any form of discrimination.
All employees follow the same requirements and have equal rights to express their opinion and submit proposals in all topics of company’s activity.
We evaluate our employees objectively according to their work performance and created added value for the company.
The company objects the bribery and corruption, as well as condemns any form of unlawful acts. We do not offer, allow and pay bribes or valuable reward in order to gain or maintain the business or encourage making any favourable decision or repay for it.

We expect all employees of the company to follow this Anti-Corruption and Ethics Policy.

This Policy is introduced and explained to all employees of the company, including senior managers, middle managers and all other employees directly employed at the company or otherwise representing it.

Director of UAB “ALUVESTO”
Aleksandr Moisejev