Curtain Walls

Curtain walls are specifically designed to meet the requirements of contemporary architecture. Depending on your needs you can opt for traditional grid or style and panel systems – in all their aesthetic versions – or for a high-tech modular façade, which allows for very rapid on-site assembly. All our systems are mutually compatible, allowing for window, door, façade and roof systems to be used together seamlessly in order to create complete solutions thereby providing the designer with extremely reliable systems and enormous design freedom.

Below you can find most popular curtain wall systems from our manufacturers with detailed technical info, previews and schematics:

Reynaers: CW50, CW50 HI, CW60, CW60 HI, CW65-EF / CW65-EF-SG,CW86-EF / CW86-EF-HI;
Schüco: FW50+, FW50+.HI, FW50+.SI, FW60+, FW60+.HI. FW60+.SI, AWS114, UCS65 / UCS65SG;